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Redpoint Woodworks
Rance Hamaker

Our Story

My name is Rance Hamaker and I own Redpoint Woodworks. Making custom furniture and centerpieces for the home is my passion.

Redpoint Woodworks is a custom furniture shop that was born from the lessons of my father and grandfather. These lessons, techniques, and care passed down through generations live in every piece. I love bringing nature into the home and giving it a warmer look. Since I was 16 years old I helped my uncle harvest and mill lumber from around the states.

Furniture from my first Utah walnut trees still resides in my home and will be handed down. Right now I work with some of our area's best designers while continuing to grow my business through word of mouth and doing the very best with every project gifted to us. I believe relationships with our buyers are paramount to our success.

Redpoint brings a passion for perfection to every project, taking time to pick the right slab and planning each step of the process carefully with each customer. I am always mindful of the client's vision and it shows in every final product because well-crafted custom furniture is generational and transcends time.

Redpoint specializes in custom furniture, dining tables, and countertops from urban harvested wood. 100% of the lumber comes from trees that are coming down in urban environments or reclaimed from landfills. I take these beautiful trees that will be discarded and bring them back to life. Doing so is not only fulfilling but also environmentally sound. A Natural Edge table brings nature's shape, design, and intricacies inside the home.

custom wood table

Tables are about family, warmth, and gathering together. They are the centerpiece of every home. Tables are about warmth, togetherness, love, and respect. The organic edge mimics the turns and twists of life while the smooth, flat, giant surface reflects the times we fly and coast along.

Our lives are in the wood. Our family’s lives are in the wood. We wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m Rance Hamaker and I’d love to show you Redpoint Woodworks.

Redpoint Woodworks

Custom Handcrafted Tables & Furniture

Redpoint Woodworks

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